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What I can do for you...

Garden Design
Meaford, Ontario

A newly built house, with an aim for sustainability throughout. Using resin-bonded paving and eliminating any lawn area, this garden virtually eliminates any water run off and chemical pollution. The prairie style planting in the front and woodland garden in the back is low maintenance and wildlife friendly. 

Planting Design
Vancouver, BC

Refreshing the planting in a garden that had a beautiful old Japanese Maple tree. The shady setting is made full and lush with well-chosen plants. The mixed planting is low maintenance and attractive in all seasons. 

Planting Design
Holland Park, London

With limited planting space, this garden had to pack a lot of punch. First creating a strong structural planting, then adding a carefully selected palette of plants, this garden gives so much in a smaller space. Simplicity, texture and colour create a harmonious planting scheme. 

Maintenance Management
Richmond, London

For three years, Anna was responsible for the management of a large private garden in London. This included regular, year-round tasks such as pruning, planting,  composting, mulching and cleaning. This even included preparing the garden one summer for a wedding that hosted a few hundred guests. She would often oversee several workers and contractors to ensure everything was done to the highest standard. She often worked in collaboration with the garden's original designer to improve and develop the planting. She took great pride in making the garden look its absolute best at all times. 

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