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What can I do for you?


Anna can help guide your own plans for your garden space. With years of experience, she can create maintenance plans tailored to your own garden. Either people looking to improve their own skills in maintaining their own private garden, or for communal and commercial sites looking to create efficiency for their maintenance contracts.

 In addition, she can make planting suggestions to enhance and improve all areas.  This development can be a one-time project or even a plan to be executed over several years and phases.

Planting Design

Anna’s specialty is in planting design, from naturalistic schemes to more formal designs. With her knowledge, she can make plant suggestions that are suitable for your garden, no matter what the conditions. The mantra of Right Plant, Right Place is employed in all her planting designs.

With her extensive plant knowledge, she can create year-round interest with the use of colour, texture, shape and movement.

Anna can provide you with ‘mood boards’ to show you the feel and style of what she is aiming to achieve. She can also provide detailed planting plans and scale drawings to show you how the garden will be transformed.
Project Management
Anna can provide service as a project manager to oversee the installation of the new garden space. She can work with contractors of your choosing or can help you find the right contracting companies for your project. She works closely with everyone involved and keeps a high standard of conduct, so that your project is completed efficiently and to your satisfaction.
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